Do You Have What It Takes To Open For 2CHAINZ?















Think you have what it takes to open up for 2 Chainz!?
Here how it works:
Submit your contact information and links to your 2 hottest songs
A Pannel of Judges will review and determine 8 Emcees to Compete at the POWER 95.3 – Who’s Next Live Edition of MyCityMondays on Monday March 10th @ The Social Downtown Orlando.















The 8 Emcee’s will peform live, in front of the pannel and be judge on the following criteria:
Stage Presences
The top 4 Emcee’s will then go on to the voting round where their friends, family and city will vote!















The top 2 Emcee’s will be announced on March 17th with DJ Nailz @ 7pm and open up for 2 Chainz!

Sign up by clicking “Open Up for 2CHAINZ” in our MAIN MENU

Or visit Open Up For 2CHAINZ With MyCityMondays & Power 95.3

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