MCM Welcomes Orlando Pro Boxer “Moises Carrasquillo Jr”

MyCityMondays™ Welcomes OPB Pro Boxer Moises Carrasquillo Jr

October 7th Moises Carrasquillo Jr. will be in the building as a special guest judge to help MyCityMondays™ decide who will open for Lil Wyte & School Boy Q.

He is an undercard in the upcoming Miguel Cotto fight, Saturday October 5th at The Amway Arena. Check out this article about Carrasquillo Jr.’s upcoming fight.

Story by Damon”Latinbox” Gonzalez Orlando, Florida.

– Having coffee this morning and gave thought about an impressive young Underfeated Middleweight, Moises Carrasquillo, Jr. (3-0) It will be very hard for boxing not to love this kid, My Latinbox predictions of Carrasquillo, Jr.’s match at The Amway Arena in Orlando, excitingly fighting in front of his home crowed against a solid Steven Chadwick, who looks to spoil Carrasquillo,Jr. Plans of victory.

Lets not lose sight of what to expect.
Carrasquillo, Jr. Is Physical in the ring and in my opinion has the skill set to put Chadwick right on the canvas.
In combat,he handles himself well, in the ring he showed to be physically and mentally in rhythm during his last outing TKO win over Darrell Eacholes back in June.

I do not foresee seeing Carrasquillo,Jr. Having a Gutless performance on Saturday night to capture another win.

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