We’ve Found Our 8 Competitors!

Congratulations to our 8 competitors! Make sure to look into these inspiring artists! We think they all have what it takes to open up for 2Chainz!















@nukgrissle @therealxandi @bezzbelieve69 @jahighwayent @ralphdeem_rlp @bogard100 #ErickWatson #TDylan















Thank you for your submissions! We were overwhelmed by artist submissions that wanted the opportunity to open up for 2Chainz!

Come out and network with MyCityMondays & POWER 95.3















1. Dawn Campbell (Music Director of POWER 95.3)

2. MC Search (Executive Producer of Illmatic & CEO of Searchlight Publishing)

3. Scott Backer (Island Def Jam Music Group)

4. AYO THE PRODUCER (3x Platinum Producer Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake)

5. Kwan “KP” Prather (VP of Atlantic Records)

6. Disco JR

8 Emcee’s will peform live, in front of the pannel and be judge on the following criteria:
Stage Presences

The top 4 Emcee’s will then go on to the voting round where theirfriends, family and city will vote!

The top 2 Emcee’s will be announced on March 17th with DJ Nailz @ 7pm and open up for 2Chainz!

Thanks for your participation!

#Mycitymondays #MCMTheMovement #Power953 #RoyaltyEntGrp & #BankBoyzSociety

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