.WORLD CUP 2014: Germany vs Brazil.

Today was an embarrassing day for Brazil. This match up felt as worse than the Broncos vs Seahawks at Super Bowl XLVIII. Germany lead the first half of the game with a 5 point lead in only 29 minutes over Brazil; leaving the team trailing behind. Miroslav Klose scored one goal, the 16th of his World Cup career, breaking the record he shared with Ronaldo. Both Andre Schurrle and Toni Kroos scored two goals each.

With 90 minutes left within the game, Schurrle hit his 2 goals to finish give Germany a 7-point lead. With much luck, Brazil was able to sneak in their, last chance of salvation, goal scored by Dante, but evidently you can see that was still no match for Germany today.

Congratulations Germany.

— Sophia D.

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